Stock Market Losses Keeping You Up at Night?

Tired of losing money in the stock market?  Gut wrenching losses in your 401(k) keeping you up at night?

The fixed index annuity (FIA) solution is for you.

  • You don’t lose money when the markets go down.
  • You share in market up side when the markets go up.
  • You earn a reasonable rate of return.
  • Your gains are locked in annually, so you never give back the profits you already earned.

Get Rid of Stock Market Losses and Taxes on Your Retirement Income Once and For All

Get Rid of Stock Market Losses Once and For All

Tired of Losing Money in the Stock Market? You can Get Rid of Stock Market Losses and Taxes on Your Retirement Income Once and For All!

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• So, if you hate paying taxes and hate even more losing money in the stock market, pay close attention.
• If you are worried you won’t have enough money to enjoy your retirement, this strategy will help you generate a tax-free income you won’t outlive.
• If you are rolling over money in CDs because you fear stock market losses, with this tax- free retirement strategy, you don’t lose money when the markets go down.

• If you have not put enough money away for retirement and need a catch up strategy, this strategy could work for you.
• When you recognize the tax-free retirement plan can generate 3 to 4 times more income after taxes than a 401(k) or 403(b) retirement plan, you’ll want to replace your retirement plan with the tax-free retirement plan.
• If you want to implement a gifting strategy for your children or grandchildren, the tax- free IUL is a vehicle that can keep on giving with a lifetime of tax-free income.
• If you like the idea of having a tax-free emergency fund to tap as needed, the tax-free retirement plan is for you.
• If you would like to be your own bank, funding big ticket items with retirement funds, paying interest to yourself rather than a bank, this could work for you.

Fortunately, the tax-free retirement solution addresses all of the above.

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Tax-Free is Better!

Wake up America ... Your Retirement is in Jeopardy!
Discover the secret to retirement security.
A Tax-Free Retirement Plan is better than an IRA or 401(k)!
  • You don’t lose money when the markets go down.
  • You share in market upside when the markets go up.
  • Tax-Free withdrawals without IRS penalties at any age for any reason.
  • Tax-Free income stream.
  • Tax-Free death benefit vs. taxable death benefit.
Traditional 401(k) plans and IRAs (known as qualified plans) can actually work against you once you retire and start taking income. Why? Because future taxes will play a critical role in your retirement when you consider the more than $117 trillion in unfunded liabilities of the United States government. Watch this FREE Video on my website that shows our out-of-control government borrowing. Rethink Your Retirement and Make the Most out of Life I can show you a little-known ... and IRS approved strategy ... you can use right now to insulate your retirement from the looming tax traps that lie ahead. But first, please request yourFREE Retirement Plan Comparison that shows you that it may not be the amount of money you're saving, but where you're saving your money that matters most.
  Call me at 800-955-7898 or 267-731-6706  to learn more about taking control of your retirement strategy by using IRS approved ways you can get more benefits than your current retirement strategy, and do it all with less risk. Or better yet, request your FREE Retirement Plan Comparison that explains more.

What many people “think” is

the “right” way to prepare for retirement

may actually be all WRONG!                                  


When do you want to find out?  Now when you can do something about it, or 20 years from now when it’s too late?


Thank you.


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Request your FREE Retirement Plan Comparison that shows you that ... "It may not be the amount of money you're saving for retirement, but where you're saving it that matters most."



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PS  Did you know a Tax-Free Retirement Plan is a non-countable asset when applying for student financial aid? By shifting countable assets like cash, CDs, stocks, bonds and mutual funds into a Tax-Free Retirement Plan, the student may be eligible for more financial aid. You’ll still have tax-free access to the money when you need it.

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